1. Also, Spike apparently got the Sonic treatment for that fan art one.

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  2. Why have I never thought of this before!?

  3. Patrick Seitz and Christine Marie Cabanos, the English dub voices for Gamagoori and Mako in Kill la Kill, really embody their characters!

  4. Remember that time in the 90s when they combined Batman and Wolverine into the ultimate badass?

  6. Don’t lose your grain.

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  9. extraordinarycircus:

    Now I can be a hermit nerd forever.

    It beats being the princess of an abstract concept, if you ask me.


  10. Anonymous said: Random Question Anon!!! What is your name, and what do you quest???

    My name is Xandir, and I’m on a never ending quest to save my girlfriend!


  11. The Samurai Jack Movie is Finally a Thing that is happening

    Well, folks, it took about ten years of trying but old Genndy finally did it. He finally got a movie studio to buy into the idea of a Samurai Jack film for reals. Sony seems very pleased to have the man on board and already has him slated to direct a sequel to Hotel Transylvania as well as the upcoming Popeye animated film and Tartakovsky’s own film tentitively titled Can You Imagine? which he will write and direct. After dropping hints about the possibility of a Samurai Jack film in 2012, it looks like Sony has decided to go through with it and is reportedly fast tracking it to a late 2015 or early 2016 release. 

    Genndy, however, is a busy man. So he’s brought on fellow Samurai Jack alumnus Randy Myers to co-direct the movie that will be written by Tartakovsky and Paul Rudish. The film is tentatively titled “Samurai Jack: Back to the Past” and will star Phil LaMarr back as Jack with Greg Baldwin replacing Mako as the voice of Aku, once again taking over his role as he did with Uncle Iroh. Music will be handled by series composer James L. Venable. Although the plot is vague at this point, the Sony Pictures Animation press release notes that “Jack’s journey will finally conclude as he manages to get back to the past and face off against the mighty Aku.” 

    Plans for the film were apparently finalized after the recent resurgence in interest for the show. The comic book launched by IDW last November has been selling better than expected, and despite airing at 4am, the Toonami ratings for Samurai Jack reruns remain surprisingly solid, thanks in part to the show trending on Twitter every weekend.


    I couldn’t be happier about this! I’ve been waiting for ten years… and so has Genndy. He’s had an ending written for about as long as the show’s been off the air. Personally, I hope it connects back to “Jack and the Creatures” where Jack finally finds a portal but is blocked by an unstoppable warrior who says he can’t use it yet. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    If you want some more tidbits, be sure to read the Sony Pictures Animation press release on their website.


  12. Anonymous said: If you were given the chance to remake one animated TV series from any point in history in your own image, which would you pick?


    I would remake all the Spongebobs after 2005 to make them good. 

    I didn’t think I could like this guy any more than I already did.

  13. Obliterating the competition (literally).

  14. You can’t use it yet, Samurai Jack. Not yet. Not yet…


  15. Anonymous said: Get the fuck off of the Lightning Returns tag and go kill yourself, you retarded motherfucking piece of shit. You need to die.

    If you hated that picture, you’ll probably really hate this picture!