1. Kids love it.

  2. SCIENCE FACT: When you’re nice to mean people on the internet, they don’t know how to react and spontaneously combust. Remember kids, kindness = kryptonite!


  3. "I never expected to work on a show based on a toy line, but I accepted the project based on my sincere childhood love of the toy and Hasbro’s desire to create an entertaining show that is not just a long toy commercial. When I took the job, I braced myself for criticism, expecting many people–without even watching the show–to instantly label it girly, stupid, cheap, for babies or an evil corporate commercial. I encourage skeptics like this to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with an open mind. If I’m doing my job right, I think you’ll be surprised."
    — Lauren Faust, December 2010

    (Source: msmagazine.com)

  4. This is seriously some of the best fan art I’ve ever seen. Each is wearing clothing based on a different region (Kanto -> Unova) and all are brilliantly drawn in Ken Sugimori’s style.

    (Source: kilala97.deviantart.com)

  5. Kristen Schaal and Ariel Hirsch at Comic Con. It’s the meeting of the Mabels! Just look at that majestic sweater…

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  6. Also, Spike apparently got the Sonic treatment for that fan art one.

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  7. Why have I never thought of this before!?

  8. Patrick Seitz and Christine Marie Cabanos, the English dub voices for Gamagoori and Mako in Kill la Kill, really embody their characters!

  9. Remember that time in the 90s when they combined Batman and Wolverine into the ultimate badass?

  11. Don’t lose your grain.

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  13. WHERE IS SHE!?

  14. extraordinarycircus:

    Now I can be a hermit nerd forever.

    It beats being the princess of an abstract concept, if you ask me.


  15. Anonymous said: Random Question Anon!!! What is your name, and what do you quest???

    My name is Xandir, and I’m on a never ending quest to save my girlfriend!